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Mining Multi Cryptocurrency on 1 PC

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Many way to Get Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency, one of them is own mining by PC just a CPU or GPU for get more profit. Well in here I want to inform about easy way to Mining Multi Cryptocurrency on 1 PC by software which it is user friendly and it can be mining without software.

I say can be Mining Multi Cryptocurrency on 1 PC because in Minergate you can mining multi cryptocurrency into 1 PC. You can mining cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bytecoin, Monero, Digitalnote, Fantomcoin, Dashcoin, QuazarCoin, MonetaVerde, AeonCoin, dan Infinium.

For start to Mining Multi Cryptocurrency on 1 PC, you need Register Minergate HERE (FREE). After login, you want to mine the Cryptocurrency with application or without application. Well for those who want to use the application then you need to download and install mining applications on the download page and adjust to the type of OS Computer that we use (Windows, Linux, Mac).

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Here are screenshot of Mining multi Cryptocurrency on 1 PC by using the application provided by Minergate:

The picture above exemplifies if you mine Ethereum and besides you can also directly mining some cryptocoin at once. For profit generated tailored to the computer spec including Graphic that you use as well as internet speed also support. So the higher the CPU, Graphic and internet specs then the higher the profit, but for those who have computers with low CPU spec can still be used to mine even though the results are less than the maximum.

If you do not want to install applications like above, you still can mine Cryptocurrency by using Web Mining. You just need to hit the Start button to start the type of Cryptocurrency you want to mine then Web Mining will run automatically.

To mine Bitcoin and Litecoin have to use their existing Graphic GPU computer while those without graphic can mine other cryptocoin. To exchange Cryptocoin mined in Minergate is like Bytecoin, Monero, Fantomcoin, Quazarcoin, Digitalnote, Monetaverde etc you can send to exchanger wallet like HitBTC HERE or Changelly or Poloniex.

Well in addition to mining directly from the computer with software and web mining, minergate also has penetrated on Cloud Mining. Here we can buy a number of Hashrate so without the need to think about anything and without doing anything then we will be able to profit mine in the cloud. This is because all the work and equipment in the mining has been completed and done all by the Minergate so that we will only receive profit every day and can directly withdraw to our wallet.

To limit the minimum withdraw it was quite low so we can withdraw every day.

What are you waiting for, Lets use you komputer PC / Notebook for get more profit by Mining Multi Cryptocurrency on 1 PC. Good Luck


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This post is also available in: idIndonesian

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