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Easy Way to Mining Ethereum on Computer

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Easy Way to Mining Ethereum on Computer is FREE and this post is an update for article Mining Multi Cryptocurrency on 1 PC. Now has released desktop applications to mine cryptocurrency version 6.0 with some improvements for the better and that makes more spirit to mine is the existence of Ethereum which can be directly mined with v6 desktop application directly from our computer. But if we want to mine Ethereum or Ether through the cloud then we can rent cloud mining on Genesis Mining or Hashflare which always paid and trusted.

How to get Ethereum by mine yourself on a computer or laptop with applications from Minergate is very easy. You just need to download GUI Application HERE according to your computer OS (Windows, Linus, Max) then install on PC. But before it, you have to Register Minergate HERE (FREE). After that you just select the type of cryptocurrency that wants to be mined eg Ethereum and select Start. With just one click Start then you can directly mine Ethereum directly on the PC and has been setup all without complicated.

When first clicking Start Mining on Ethereum, you will see DAG file application setup lasting a few minutes. But do not worry because it will only be done once for the first time and then will be able to directly mine Ether.

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The reward method used by minergate in Ether mining is PPLNS reward method which means that once looking for pool one block, you will get reward for send to share. The more shares sent to so the greater the rewards you get. For more details about PPLNS reward method can be seen in FAQ Minergate.

The miner GUI version for Ethereum has support CPU and NVidia GPU so that for regular spec computer anyway can still mining Ethereum. Here has CPU mining with profit 20.000 times more than other pools. Usually if you mine Ethereum on the CPU, it is not possible to be able to send the share so that it is futile without the mine. But with this Minergate you will be allowed to mine Ether although only limited to the CPU with regular spec. It should be noted about the RAM on our CPU must be at least 2GB or more because the DAG file used for this mine already takes about 1.5GB of RAM in the works.

If you want to try mine Ether via VPS or other by command prompt so you can use this setting for connect to the minergate pool:

For CPU mining

ethminer -C -F http://pool.minergate:55751/<YOUR_EMAIL> –disable-submit-hashrate

For GPU mining

ethminer -G -F http://pool.minergate:55751/<YOUR_EMAIL> –disable-submit-hashrate

What are you waiting for, Lets get profit use Easy Way to Mining Ethereum on Computer. Good Luck.

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This post is also available in: idIndonesian

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